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Ingrid G.
New! Entered: 2016-02-14
This was so well done ~ from the weary Wolfriders coming home to the light hearted salmon run! Every elf had a part and it was all so natural and flowing! ... And after chewing on an impossible situation with no clear answer, isn't getting back in The Now and enjoying life the only thing left to do?
Sofia Lindström
New! Entered: 2015-12-18
A very Wolfrider sort of end to this drama, I think. While the tension definitely still is there, I like that the "lesser crimes" like Notch's stealing of the horn were brushed aside with a warning, since the outcome was in favor of the tribe. A very In the Now thing to do :)
I very impressed with how well you juggled the loads-and-loads of characters here! With the whole tribe in one scene, that was a lot of balls to keep in the air and yet it worked out beautifully! I felt like I got to know what the majority to the tribe was thinking and feeling in that moment. Also, I felt like I got another piece of the puzzle that is Windburn and his way of being chief. In short, a great way to wrap up this tensionfilled storyline!
Joanne P.
New! Entered: 2015-01-25
I love the way that everyone is touched on and included, both in the council and in the fishing scene, but it never feels forced or tedious. The fishing scene is particularly enjoyable with everyone working together. You get a feel for what a big community event it is.
Lyn Cavalier
New! Entered: 2014-12-29
I know I haven't commented on all the other GS stories yet, but had to comment on this one, as it is fresh in my mind (I'm going to go back to all the others).

As others have said, I appreciate all the effort that went into this, and the whole, storyline. The inclusion of each member of the tribe was well-done, and I know how much work that takes, in getting approvals alone.

I love the depiction of tribal unity, which isn't the same as consensus or agreement. The way that everyone is able to be heard and yet able to move forward into the NOW. :)

Thank you for the peaceful, NOW scene at the end. I'm so glad that this moment was included as the "conclusion" to the very tense storyline - and how it is really just the beginning of a new way of life.
Guido Klein
New! Updated: 2014-12-29
Even though I rarely take the time to actually comment on all the art and fiction, I regularly read and view it.
A good short story is always a nice thing, but following a story arc like the FO gets me deeper and deeper into the world and characters of this holt.
I really appreciate the work and effort that has flown into this. You have to coordinate the plot, the actions and reactions of the characters, interact with the other members participating in this, do this over a long period of time and still come out with a story that gives the reader a feeling it has flown from just one hand.
I can only say: well done! Very well!
Not only this part of the story arc, but also all those that have come before got me deeply involved.

After all the splitting up in deep winter it felt really good to finally see the tribe reunited. Not only the elves come together, but the previous stories all flow together in the well thought out interaction with the tribe members: Rill's adventure and the stay-at-homes' struggles, Notch's story of using the horn, the observations of BS, BW and FS when they followed the Fierce Ones, the preparations at Blue Stone Cave.
Creating an atmosphere of relief, weariness and anticipation with so many characters involved is no easy task. You managed to actually evoke the feeling of everyone being present even when they only appear in the "background". Seeing the council through Windburn's eyes was a great choice. I loved getting insight into his thoughts, feelings and sometimes surprising reactions. He has grown as chief and grown on me as a character.
Seeing how much the elves differ and their opinions made clear how diffcult it may be to decide what may be best for the tribe in the future. But at this time in the tribe's history, it cannot be any different since so may things are still unknown and unforseeable to the elves.
Reading this gave me a feeling of contentment, but not conclusion, because it opened up the path to many new storylines.
But because as a reader we need a rest from the stress of the FO's appearance just like the elves, I am glad we get a chance to get back into the "Now" in the end.
Thank You very much for the work and effort You invested in all of this.
Mareike Heilemann
New! Entered: 2014-12-28
You guys really did an awesome job with the whole FO storyline, and this story was a fitting end to it all, bringing all story threads together!

I loved the first scene with the weary scouts returning - there's a sense of relief at everyone being home safe and sound, but tensions are still running high. I especially liked Blacksnake telling Chicory to knock it off with regards to Goldspice's ill-thought decision, and of course One-Leg standing up for his son - and Windburn's surprising reaction!

And then the council - that needs some real mastership in writing, having so many characters taking part in a dialogue and still have it flow naturally and give everyone a chance to have their say! Really loved seeing all those different viewpoints expressed - my favourite bit might actually be when Quick Fang snapped at her father. Brightwood and Farscout's suggestion was a much less pleasant surprise ... I'm very glad the rest of the tribe and Windburn agreed not to go down that route but it admittedly does not endear those two to me, even if I can understand where they are coming from, as some who have suffered the most at human hands.

The last scene then really rounds the story off and ends it on a much-needed hopeful note. Again, there are so many great details that I can't comment on all of them, but I just love the sense of harmony and togetherness the tribe feels at working together to fill up their stores! I really hope they will be able to hold the Holt, so we'll be able to see scenes like this many times to come :).

Again, wonderful work! Thank you for bringing this arc to a satisfying end!
Peggy B.
New! Entered: 2014-12-22
Whit, Holly, thanks for your hard work on the complete FO storyline. It was a long way to go, a very complex one, and you tackled it! I bow to you!
This last story is a wonderful conclusion to the arc, and as Mel already mentioned, it also already shows some hints what the future will bring to the Holt. The flying of arguments and opinions during the council was wonderful to witness. The dialogues never seemed forced and that speaks of true skill. Some elves sursprised me here... and I am looking forward to see what comes out of it.
The end is just wonderful. It shows us how the tribe is united and strong if they work all together. What a peaceful moment after that long winter of sorrow and fear. Our elves definitely earned that piece of peace and normality.
Melanie D.
New! Entered: 2014-12-22
Congratulation! I'm so glad to see this finished and uploaded. You three did a marvelous job making this fic really stand out as a conclusion of a very big and epic storyline.
I especially admit how you managed to give everyone here something to do or say. That sure wasn't an easy task but you did it.

Honestly I have no idea where to start. I love so much about this. I liked the scene of Windburn and his group returning. The way you guys depict the anticipation of the cubs waiting and their reactions when the group finally arrives felt very, very real and it showed how tense the situation still was.
I also like how you keep the most important untied plot-threads firmly in hand until they find a way to solve them without necessarily closing potential for future stories. One-Leg's booming voice standing up for his son was great to see and Windburn handled himself very well for that he was so hit out of left field by it.
So many more details I like, but I can't bring them all up I fear. All in all I love just how much you feel the relief and exhaustion in this first scene but also that there still is this air of "unfinished business" in the air.

And.. oh man! The council is fantastic! This must have been a challenge to do. The conversation flows so naturally and no elf seems to forced in to get their speaking role. And I do love how you managed to give a clear view of a conflict here but still no one is just right or just wrong. Everyone speaking up has an opinion or concern that's comprehensible. Even though I was shocked that Farscout and Brightwood would go as far as genocide...
I loved how you do in each spectrum as pro and con for the humans have someone "extreme" on one side. The whole discussion feels realistically emotionally charged.
I gotta say I especially loved to see TrueEdge here more of less hammering one argument over the heads of the others in each topic. Don't we all know "that guy"? And still he comes off as having reasons and his mind firmly in place.
One of my favorite scenes was when Farscout snapped at him to cut it out. It felt truthfully like some emotions boiled to a flash point. Loved it!
I also loved the surprising line by QuickFang a lot.
I'm gushing but I really love the scene in it's entirety since you guys handled the emotions and the conflict here so well. I did feel as if I sat in the mids of all this. Very well done!

And the end is great. It eases the tension of the council sene nicely and I think it dose show nicely that even after they all got in such heated arguments the tribe is still perfectly capable of working together.. and to be true how important this salmon run is to nurture the tribe. One should not forget even if we are wolf riders and so are a tribe of hunters, the main food source seems to be fish!

Again there are little things I love. One picture here that made me go sentimental was how Windburn looks at Greenweave, Honey and Dreamflight working in union. That was kinda bittersweet.
The other of course is the interaction between Foxtail and WIndburn and Blacksnake. The playfulness here is so relieving after all this heavy talk!

The last sentence brings it all to such a nice closure and it dose feel as if one epic story ended but there are still more to come. Fantastic work on this!
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