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Melanie D.
New! Entered: 2014-12-15
Oh I like this. It's neat to see the young adults be more integrated into the tribe and Foxtail really seems to have a good hand with especially the former wrapstuffed kids.
I like the dynamic between the two and how different they seem yet their characters work well off each other. You can see this being a nice causal friendship Foxtail being curious about what's going on in Fadestar's life and all that suits the chief's daughter so well.
I really enjoyed reading this and look forward to more of the like :)
Lyn Cavalier
New! Entered: 2014-10-14
It's nice to see this "random" (but probably more common than we realize) pairing. I like Foxtail's blunt inquisitiveness and her own reasons for not wanting to be a scout.

And I don't think the Chief would send Foxtail and Notch out on a long scouting mission - TOO MUCH TROUBLE!
Whitney Ware
New! Entered: 2014-10-09
Lovely work -- and I deeply appreciate seeing more of these relationships explored like this. (Plus... hilarious one-liners about Notch! More, please!)
Peggy B.
New! Entered: 2014-10-05
What an unsual pairing. I have not thought of those two working together, but well they must at one point when having the same profession.
First, I thought adventurous Foxtail might get jealous at FS for being able/allowed to leave the Holt. And I was suprised she was not. But the explanations made perfect sense. Being alone is not for Foxtail. But (only theoretically) I wonder if she would do it if she could take Notch with her... ;)
Holly H.
New! Entered: 2014-09-16
Yes, these two fit together very well, and it's really nice to see people starting to related to these young-adults less as "the teenagers" and more as individual tribemates, who are starting to take their adult places in the tribe. I also like how it shows Foxtail being willing to just stick her nose in someone else's business. :)
Beth K.
New! Entered: 2014-09-12
Oh cool! That's an interesting friendship developing! I like how it shows the growth of both elves and retains a really playful, fun atmosphere, despite the girls discussing serious topics. Really great read, I'd love to see more of these two in the future!
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