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Holly H.
New! Entered: 2015-04-30
I wonder about the source of the fatigue, too -- but it's a good reminder that every pregnancy is just different. Who knows what the cause of it is? It might not be anything you can put a finger on. Anyway, I particularly liked here the look at True Edge as a concerned mate, and at the idea of Willow continuing to be involved in "follow up" checks. It makes a lot of sense for these unusual pregnancies!
Peggy B.
New! Entered: 2014-12-23
That playfulness between the two at the end was kinda cute! I find it incredibly sweet when normally stern people show affection to someone else... especially when it is swapping behinds. :D
I wonder what the reasons for Snowfall's tiredness are. Her age? (Is Kestrel more tired as well?) Or the fact that this child was not born from Recognition?
Beth K.
New! Entered: 2014-01-18
Poor Snowfall. It must have been so hard for her to endure. It's an interesting reflection on the differences between the pregnancies. I'm glad that she does have many people watching out for her, even if it might become a bit stifling at times - falling asleep in random places isn't so good. :s
Whitney Ware
New! Entered: 2013-08-13
This was an interesting fic! I like the observation that the elves are a teensy bit worried that a healer-sparked pregnancy may have unexpected complications -- because hey, it's a relatively new thing for the tribe (in living memory that is). The last one the tribe had was Owl & Beesting (resulting in Raven) and Owl was a very experienced healer when he sparked it! I also really liked how pushy True Edge is here -- his know-it-all behavior hasn't always been consistently presented, so it's always fun to see him in form (even when you might want to smack him!).
Linda Aarts
New! Entered: 2013-08-01
Oh God, I know EXACTLY how Snowfall feels. My second pregnancy is the same way - tired all the time and taking as many naps as I can! Fortunately, she's got True Edge and Willow to give her some reassurance, and I was relieved to hear nothing's worng with the cub :D Can't wait for the tribe to expand!
Melanie D.
New! Entered: 2013-08-01
It's an interesting set up here. I wonder if Snowfall's Body needs more rest then previously because of the outside of Recognition thing or maybe because her body is much more on guard since she lost the cub. Both kinda would make sense.
I'd have loved to see this go more in depth actually. Or at least cause more then a "I need to rest more" thing in the end.
Well I guess every pregnancy is different. It was all over a very cute little view into Snowfall's life.
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