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Ingrid G.
New! Updated: 2016-02-09
This saga is so great!!

It's interesting to me (and yes, danger and death is the excuse) that the tribe condones physical violence from an elder when a teenager gets out of line. Instead of saying, "True Edge! You totally over reacted! Apologize!" they're all, "Well, Otter, you know how True Edge can get..." Would love to change that cultural script!!

The other thing that fascinates me is the family dynamic going on in the Chief's family. Even though Chicory is technically the aunt, you can tell that NO ONE would EVER trust her enough to be acting chief. And since she argued with Windburn, Goldspice would rather go send the one and only healer out alone and defy her chief's orders than trust Chicory to go with Willow!! I can so see the aunt's frustration here! Would love for her to "redeem" herself somehow!
Lyn Cavalier
New! Entered: 2015-01-17
The way y'all have worked to touch on what is happening in each group is fascinating. There's much going on, for everyone. Otter definitely got on my nerves with his piss-pore attitude. I was actually very glad TrueEdge hit him. And I felt sorry for the human boy, with everyone mocking him - that could be a catalyst for him to grow up and try to prove what he'd seen... Though hopefully he'll just doubt what happened. I was glad for a moment of levity for Farscout, Brightwood, and Blacksnake. And Rill is just asking for it!!! Goldspice sure does have a good head on her shoulders!!!!
Ally Raidel
New! Entered: 2014-02-25
I really like how Farscout and Brightwood handled Blacksnake. It's a really well done piece of writing- you can see a lot about the relationship between the three of them in how deftly they get him to go to ground. Poor Blacksnake- what a tough situation.

Ohhhhh my gosh, Rill! He's going to be quite a force when he grows up, isn't he?

I don't know about "enjoying" the scene between Goldspice and Chicory but it sure was intense! You can sure see how wound up Chicory is right now (though I'm with Melanie in this one in thinking Chicory had the right of it!) I'm really interested in seeing how that plays out between those two in the future. Maybe Goldspice has a rationale that I haven't quite grasped.
Sofia Lindström
New! Entered: 2014-02-12
Dear, stupid cubs. But without them we wouldn't have so much delicious conflict and drama!

And drama aplenty there is! Getting to see how our elves act in a crisis such as this is a treat and the fight between Goldspice and Chicory was golden. The anticlimax that wasn't an anticlimax of Blacksnake's encounter not being believed was also great, because it balanced so well with the situation with Rill. On to the next chapter~!
Beth K.
New! Entered: 2013-12-18
In some ways I feel lucky that I've been busy and only getting around to read the rest of this awesome series now. Curled up in a quiet house, with a nice cup of tea, and getting to read chapter after chapter right after one another. So great! It's a fantastic read, definitely a great saga for the holt.

Glad it starts off with Blacksnake again! I'm sure I would have been skimming if you'd focused on some other area first! Brightwood's manipulation of Blacksnake is perfect. The tension really comes through with the descriptions of the changes in the elves at the caves. Such a relief that the older humans don't believe the child - and the prank was a great touch!

Rill is adorable in his pretending-to-be-good way, and it's cute that Suddendusk doesn't see through it. I was definitely expecting the sneak-out by the time it came - great use of foreshadowing here and in the other previous chapters! The glimpse into his mind is so sweet. Very apt description of an adventure-thirsty young boy. I'm a bit glad that this is set last winter, otherwise I'd be very, very worried about Willow being sent off with only the wolves....
Peggy B.
New! Entered: 2013-10-20
Wow, exciting!!
I was so relieved that the discovery of Blacksnake ended up in mockery of a human youth. I had been curious how you would solve the problem of that encounter and was surprised at its simpleness and efficiency.
I love, love the interaction at Bluestone cave. Otter is such a delightfully annoying youth and I had to smirk over Cloudferns comment about True Edge being too full of himself to see his own limits.
Most of all the end scene at the Holt got me really caught up. All the tension and anxious running around, arguing Goldspice and Chicory, and Willow being all eager to leave. You did a great job in describing the rising emotions here. I could fully understand Goldspice's decision and I loved to see her in her acting chief role. I wonder what Windburn might say to her sending Willow out alone...
Heidi Henderson
New! Entered: 2013-06-30
I really like how these installments do such a great job of giving the whole picture of what all the tribe -- no matter where they are -- is going through. There are so many tense moments, one can't help but keep reading to find out what's happening next, and to hope everyone and everything is going to be all right in the end.

Each action and decision is going to have consequences, for sure, and it's going to be interesting to see what those will ultimately end up being.
Melanie D.
New! Entered: 2013-06-27
Ohhh! The next chapter so to say. A lot of set up and pay off here.
Oh man, the tension in the first part is really tough. I can understand both sides, as much Brightwood ad Farscout as I can Blacksnake. It's great to see how deep the fear is carved into them yet that FS and BW do see reason. Well Blacksnake in his way as well.. The fear all of them must be feeling... I can't imagine!

And more fear going around. It must be hard to be that uncertain about what an event means. Especially if you are that far away. the atmosphere of shock and fear is hanging over everything in this part.

And the tension is rising at BSC as well. I got to say it's neat seeing how such an event dose not only causers elves to stand together more closely but also sparks such conflict and shows how unnerved the elves are. It's also nice to see how differently the youngsters of the tribe are with Otter clearly being more of a act before thinking guy and so bluntly challenging the once older then him also interesting to see True Edge showing some of his worse sides here. It dose make him a bit more interesting ;)

The moment here between Suddendusk and Rill was cute. I just realize how LITTLE we've seen from Suddendusk lately. I like how he dose try to make it understanable for Rill what the situation is and why he needs to leave without just lecturing him, but rather asking him and Rill dose show some understanding here... to bad it doesn't go too deep :P

You had me on the next part. For a moment I was all tense and worried about what would happen next with our scouts. Glad the situation played out as it did and glad Blacksnake didn't do as he wished he did just last night. A spear wound might in the end have been much more dangerous to them!
I have to admit, though, Brightwood shrugging off so the thought of the FO's already knowing about them made me scratch my head. I'd have expected a different response from her. I can't quiet understand her here.
But that said.. I do wonder if this boy will come in play later again. Even through it was the best for all I did feel a little sorry for him. ^^' Also it was again nice to see the FO's being a community and not just brute, cruel creatures.

And Oh Rill... The youth.. I thought it was great how you caught the thinking process of a young kid. The part where he draws a picture of his glorious future was as cute as worth of head shaking. And Rill did show he can be patient and he can be clever! Great bit about him. HIs wake up will be a harsh one I fear through ^^'

The last part was a nice bit of a pay off, coming to Chicory and Goldspice... even through I have to admit Goldspice seems actually like a bit of an idiot here. She had several perfectly good options and choose the worth! There goes all the credit I gave her as stand in chief O_o
Hopefully WIllow will be safe out there! If something happens to her .. owowowo...
And the den threes must be a blast to be around now with all this tension.. poor kids.
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