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Ingrid G.
New! Entered: 2015-11-22
Now you know I'm going to Google "Ocarina" LOL! It's so neat that the elves are in the Now so much that it takes something to jolt their memories enough to look through the storage dens! It sounds like the type of thing that you wouldn't find unless you were looking for it! I love the young family but it is maddening to me that they are not Lifemates! Oh, my old-fashioned soul!!
Lyn Cavalier
New! Entered: 2015-01-18
This was an enjoyable look at Rainpace right after a word hunt - he is so much fun to watch with Chicory... I'm loving them as a playful couple. And Glow was just precious. My favorite part, though, was the connection with Newt, and Rainpace's sensitivity and friendship with him.
Holly H.
New! Entered: 2014-06-26
What I liked most in this story was that it wasn't just Rainpace responding to Newt's interest in playing an instrument, and sharing that activity with him, but that it managed to bring the word-hunting into it as well. It reminds me that Newt himself has been interested in that project, but he can't be a part of the team. So I liked that Rainpace didn't just explain the ocarina's connection to the humans, but also showed Newt through a sending that shared what it was like to make the discovery -- the next best thing to being there. It's a nice reminder that the elves can do that, and a thoughtful gesture on Rainpace's part.
Whitney Ware
New! Entered: 2014-01-28
This was a clever way to explore Newt and Rainpace's relationship, while also bringing in Rainpace's experiences with the word-hunters!
Amy Chandler
New! Entered: 2013-06-06
This is such a neat story. I enjoy seeing the elves make favorable comparisons between themselves and the local humans. It's also lots of fun to see this teacher/student relationship develop between Rainpace and Newt... And to see Newt's musical skills expand.
Heidi Henderson
New! Entered: 2013-06-02
It's fun reading this to see not only Newt learning how to play his instrument, but also how Rainpace chooses to teach him, as well. They have a nice friendship forming.

Rainpace and Chicory's relationship is fun to watch, too. And Glow is scene-stealingly adorable ;) I'm sure all will be forgiven if Rainpace and Chicory say why there was such a mess in the storage dens ;)
Melanie D.
New! Entered: 2013-06-01
Thank you so much for this story, Peggy. I really enjoyed the family interaction here. They look like a young, fun family and there is this playfulness to Chicory I really liked. Glow was very childlike. Adorable but also looking like a piece of work *chuckle* Strange that I have the feel of her as being one of the most used and flashed out cubs with the clearest personality. The other cubs do have it but I can grasp Glow the easiest. Strange huh?
The relationship hetween Rainpace and Newt is blooming into something I'm very fond of as well. I also enjoy seeing more of the humans and the still limited influance they have on the elves.
And it's good to see Newt getting his ocarina here and I thought the words coming with it from Rainpace were very heartwarming. Good sir you confuse a budding adult. Be careful *g*
Joanne P.
New! Entered: 2013-06-01
The interaction between Rainpace and Chicory here just makes me smile. I also like the relationship between Rainpace and Newt, Rainpace seems like a fun and patient teacher.
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