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Emberra Owen
New! Entered: 2015-01-29
Ooooh Cider so sneaky, and I love that she does it with a few different things, eating, riding, and fitting into things. Fantastic!
Sofia Lindström
New! Entered: 2012-12-23
Clever, clever! Just telling your children what to do seldom ends with them doing what you want them to, especially when they're that young. And children do get attached to the oddest things, no matter how old or broken (though that of course applies to some adults as well).
Lyn Cavalier
New! Entered: 2012-12-16
I really like Cider's gentle, practical approach with Acorn! It's also nice to read more about Cider... makes me miss her that much more!
Razzle C.
New! Entered: 2012-12-15
Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! :D I like writing about Chicory in her cub days, and I had a lot of fun trying to think up ideas for Cider to use to convince Acorn with. ^_^
Holly H.
New! Entered: 2012-12-07
This is just great! Cider is an ancestor whom we've seen too little of, and this story does a great job of making her someone we'd like to get to know even more! She's so patient, and clever -- she came up with such a great idea for dealing with a child, and she saw it through perfectly. It's just a delightful little story.
Beth K.
New! Entered: 2012-12-06
Aww, very sweet. I really like the first comparison with the minnow! Fun ideas. And I like how some of Chicory's adult personality is already apparent in Acorn. I think you captured the sense of a child's amusement and disbelief at an adult acting in surprising, silly ways very well!
Whitney Ware
New! Entered: 2012-09-02
This left me very, very sad that Cider didn't have more kids herself! A very fun fic!
Mareike Heilemann
New! Entered: 2012-08-20
That was very cute. I like Cider's approach here a lot, making Acorn see for herself instead of telling her. And she appeared so patient, gentle and humorous in doing so - nice! It makes me want to read more about her.

This reminds me how interwoven the tribe is, too. No one would think it unseemly that Cider stepped in to solve a problem Acorn's parents couldn't solve, because everyone in the tribe works together. I really liked that :).
Peggy B.
New! Entered: 2012-08-17
Awww, how cute!
At the beginning I liked best that you mentioned so many other Ancestors who lived at this time and what their occupations were (but also realized how many deaths Chicory had witnessed since then).
Cider seems to be such an interesting, warm-hearted, humorous character in your hands, I just wanna know more about her.
Melanie D.
New! Entered: 2012-08-17
That was cute. I liked Cider very much here. She's gentle and smart and just all over very lovable. It was really nice to read how she helped Chicory seeing for herself what she needed to do. This is a very clever way to get through to a child. ^^

Lovely story :D Makes me want to know more about Cider.
Joanne P.
New! Entered: 2012-08-16
I love how Cider was able to finally get through to Acorn by adopting the literal reasoning of a small child. So great that she had the patience to make Acorn see for herself what was needed, so she could be part of the decision, instead of just being told what to do.
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