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Ingrid G.
New! Entered: 2016-07-31
If Moss only knew!! I wonder if he had flashbacks of the marsh beast when they were spying on the humans or if the riverbank changed too much in five hundred years.
Sofia Lindström
New! Entered: 2012-06-29
The humans finding signs of the elves always intrigues me! The theme of chance that the three scenes created was very fluent and consistent, yet still full of surprises!
Whitney Ware
New! Entered: 2012-02-21
As a kid, I used to spend summers down on the banks of the Crooked River in the bottom of a gorge, searching for arrowheads and knowing that caves a mile or so away had been found holding Native American artifacts which were carbon-dated to be tens of thousands of years old. With that memory in mind, I always knew I wanted to do something here at River Twine Holt with the humans finding an elven arrowhead. Ron gave me the perfect opportunity to explore that in this collab effort!
Emberra Owen
New! Entered: 2012-02-09
I love seeing the connections of all these segments, and the fact that they could have all easily have had nothing to do with one another. Its was a great job to tie them all together.
Mareike Heilemann
New! Entered: 2011-11-05
Oh, I really love it when things come full circle :). What would Moss say if he knew it was his own spear blade the humans found? I especially loved this view at the humans and the two different cultures of the Baha and Ebean being contrasted in the discussion. It's great to see that despite the sense of superiority she seems to feel, Sage was willing to accept the boy's view as possible after her initial gut reaction to deny it. I hope we'll meet them again!
Holly H.
New! Entered: 2011-11-01
The action scene is great, as usual -- and it's just a lot of fun to see both Suddendusk and Moss as YOUNG guys. My favorite part, though, is the scene with the two humans -- particularly the portrayal of the Ebean's slight sense of arrogance towards the Baha youth. I get a sense that it's not just the arrogance of an adult towards a child, but from someone who considers their civilization just a little "superior" -- so it was really fun to see her get that bit of comeuppance when the boy demonstrated that there are different types of knowledge and expertise.

And I also just liked the echo in the last scene, of how it's Moss there to see the discovery of his old spear-head... and he doesn't know it, and has no way to find out. :)
Melanie D.
New! Entered: 2011-10-31
That was great. I love how things come together here. The way the circle is closing was just remarkable. I enjoyed it how it aside from so many other things shows how long the live of an elf is compared to the humans. At last that's what somehow came to my mind at the end.
Aside from that I just loved to see the interaction between the two human tribes here. I have a soft spot for all this "How things come together" stuff :)
Lyn Cavalier
New! Entered: 2011-10-05
Ooooh, how I love this story. :) So many things happening throughout. I especially like the refrain about being in the right place at the right time. :) Sage's interaction w/ the Bukno youth was sooo spot on and interesting. I *like* that we're seeing bits and pieces of the Elvish culture find their way into the curious hands of the humans. :)
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