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Ingrid G.
New! Updated: 2015-11-26
I would love to read a story (or be a fly on the wall) when Cinder tells Windburn that he found the necklace from all those years ago! It could go either way: "Father kept it for four hundred years, wow!!" or "Dad forgot it was there for four hundred years, grr!!" I would love to see the former! How it was a prized possession and the story of how Blacksnake broke it, etc. We need a healing between those two!!
Joan Milligan
New! Entered: 2013-01-15
Oh, my heart... poor, poor Windburn, he comes across as a child with such a void in his life, and it's almost as painful to think of Blacksnake who had really thought he tried his best and did his best and still that distance between them that could be closed so simply but then, really *couldn't*. I think it's a testament to the strength of the characterization that while I wanted to smack them both and tell them the solution was so simple, I really understood just why such a simple solution never happened. People are people, even when they're elves, and these are exactly the mistakes that they make, and keep on making.

I also thought it rang true, how in the end the hope was not for fixing the past, there wasn't some revelation and reconciliation, but there was hope for somehow making the future different. It's not an absolute hope, there's a subtlety about the ending - we really don't know how things will turn out for Windburn and Cinder, we don't even know how Windburn will react to his son's request. But I'm glad that there is some hope there, in conscious decisions to change... and Cinder is obviously a happier cub than his father was, already.
Sofia Lindström
New! Updated: 2012-12-21
The leg was a wonderful twist! Oh Blacksnake and Windburn, if you only could learn to talk to each other...
Whitney Ware
New! Entered: 2012-02-21
This is another story that had some great visual inspiration. I love the photos Holly has posted of the wolf amulet she made, and wanted to find a way to "translate" that into the Holt's reality. Somehow, making it a generational tale with hope of breaking an old, painful cycle seemed absolutely natural!
Emberra Owen
New! Entered: 2012-01-27
Aw this story makes me so sad. To think that Blacksnake didn't appreciate his son's gift, but then it turning out not to be true. Its a really bittersweet kind of story, and I'm happy to see Cinder's final reaction to the amulet.
Razzle C.
New! Entered: 2012-01-21
Why is it when I read your stories, Whitney, I end up crying?! You owe me a lot of salt-water back for all those tears! Just kidding. ;P This is wonderful! I agree, sometimes Windburn and Blacksnake, as a pair, make me want toust up and smack 'em both! I would LOVE to see a folow-up to this where Cinder asking about a carved bone wolf out of the blue sticks in his sire's craw until he finally finds out about the one Backsnake kept being the inspiration for the request! Oh, pretty please? I'm not asking for a reconcilliation or anything, but a simple grudging grunt from them would be nice once in a while! ;) I also love how you kept flashing back and forth to Redfox's/Cinder's cub years -- you're very good at the parallel timeline! Definitely one of your strengths. :) I also found it very moving that Blacksnake would give up his pride and crawl on hands and knees with hunters laughing at him (even if that was only his perception of things)! It's really wonderful how you worked in that part about the leg falling off and having to be glued back on! Overall, what can I say but "fantastic work!"
Holly H.
New! Entered: 2011-09-19
I love what you did with this piece, Whit. Very emblematic of the way the damage in the father-son relationship built up, and it really shows how some of it seems to go back to young Redfox almost seeming to *expect* to be disappointed, so that he sees everything through that lens. I like the idea that Cinder can perhaps bridge that chasm, a bit, even though it's years too late.

I also really like the little detail of Cinder blithely going through his grandfather's things; reminds me of going through my mother's jewelry chest when I was small. :)
Beth K.
New! Entered: 2011-08-21
Beautiful little story! I just love the way that Blacksnake and Redfox/Windburn have their own stubborn ideas of why things are happening and absolutely refuse to talk it out or ask questions of each other. It's great to see Blacksnake's pride and the rift between father and son dealt with in a really 'real' feeling way. Cinder brings a lot of hope in many ways! :) And I love the little hints that he's echoing parts of Easysinger's personality, great tie in!
Lyn Cavalier
New! Entered: 2011-08-03
This story makes me just want to sit Windburn and his father down and have a long discussion - if I could actually get them to listen. Maybe Cinder will help bridge the gap that seems to be between his father and grandfather? Oh, how I hope that Cinder says something to his father about it!
Linda Aarts
New! Entered: 2011-07-31
I wonder if little Redfox ever worked up the courage to confront his father about why he wasn't wearing it - or perhaps Cinder will do the honor? I loved the flashbacks in between which make it two stories in one. Poor Redfox - but you see where the relationship with his father is coming from :) I wonder if Cinder will be as good as a carver as Windburn!
Peggy B.
New! Updated: 2011-07-31
Oh wow! The consequences of failed communication! So sad!
This one made me wish I could grab each Windburn`s and Blacknake`s ear, put them into one den and make them TALK to each other! Arrrgh! Frustrating! ;)
Lovely story woven around a great piece of craftsmanship!

And it seems Blacksnake wants to make up for the miscommunication of the past a bit by making Cinder go ask his father about creating a wolf pendant himself. I just hope Windburn would realize then how precious the piece is for his own father, ´cause he kept it sound and safe over so many years.
Mareike Heilemann
New! Entered: 2011-07-29
Ouch ... That was painful. Really, you just want to hit Blacksnake and Windburn over the head and tell them: TALK, people! So much miscommunication and misunderstandings ... And that when it's so obviously of huge importance to Blacksnake so he even crawled through the woods to find the broken part! What a cute image XD.

But I really loved that Blacksnake encouraged Cinder to learn from his father - like Mel said, it shows that he's proud of his son's abilities. Too bad Windburn doesn't know about it :( ...
Melanie D.
New! Entered: 2011-07-29
Words can't say how much this one hit home, Whitney.... Oh dear you have no idea how much it did.

The miss-communication between father and son again. It made my heart ache so bad. I love how this went, especially love to see our chief in his early years and to rad just how talented a kid he was.

Theres so much I don't know where to start. I love how Windburn and Blacknake both somehow seem unable to talk about what they felt. I mean the idea of Blacksnake crawling over the forest floor to look for a tiny bit of bone is just so cute.
And I also love how he encourages Cinder to go and learn with his father. It seems his very own way to show pride in his son's skills.
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