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Sofia Lindström
New! Entered: 2012-12-23
Good title, didn't see that coming! And children certainly are as children are. Willow has my sympathy; not everyone can enjoy the company of small children, but I like how she decided to accept Glow's friendship in the end, so to speak.
Whitney Ware
New! Entered: 2012-06-01
I didn't know Willow's hair was ever so long that it was past her knees when braided! I had a hard time "seeing" that element of this story, although I LOVED her child-allergy. I hope Glow doesn't reform Willow too much!
Razzle C.
New! Entered: 2011-02-18
LOL! "Yoink!"

Oh, boy. How well do I know that toddlers love to pull hair -- ESPECIALLY the hair of the person who hates it! (They yelp.)

Very cute story! It had me in giggle fits. :)
Holly H.
New! Entered: 2010-11-21
What I particularly liked about this was how it shows Glow's personality emerging, even though she's very little. And also, how it shows that it's just about impossible in this tribe to avoid interacting with kids, even if they're not your thing. ;-) I like Willow's solution here, practical, and showing how she's willing to learn and change things for the sake of her friendship with Rainpace.
Beth K.
New! Entered: 2010-10-24
It was great to see Glow and Willow together! For some reason, I had this idea that the cubs would maybe avoid Willow as much as she wants to avoid them - but this is perfect and really picks up on the idea that (some) kids will target the people that are the most uncomfortable with them!! The stereotyped running into legs and grabbing braid was so funny - and I love how Willow has to brace for it since it's happened so many times. It's good to see how Glow won't change Rainpace and Willow's friendship too much! And... I'm left wondering what she'll do with the braid...
Lyn Cavalier
New! Entered: 2010-10-05
Heeheeheeehee. :) This one had me laughing. I am glad you tackled it... both humorous and touching!
Melanie D.
New! Entered: 2010-09-15
That was sweet, Heidi. What a strange and lovable little tale about Willow and her „dislike” of cubs. I can tell where this is all coming from XD I am like Willow in this and only the little One’s of my sister could teach me better ;) I really like the way you show Willow’s thinking here and I really could picture the short Moment of Glow’s confusion and right after the moment of Willow’s confusion ;)
And it’s such a nice look into the friendship of Rainpace and Willow as well 
Peggy B.
New! Entered: 2010-09-02
Hehe, seems Glow brings a lot of people to "sacrifice" something beloved. ;)
Really like Willows attitude towards cubs.
Angie Cousins
New! Entered: 2010-08-30
I would say poor Willow but it all worked out well in the end. Such a charming snap-shot of a growing relationship, made all the better by the natural tendency of children everywhere to pull hair. *winces in knowing sympathy*
Mareike Heilemann
New! Entered: 2010-08-30
That was a very sweet story! Glow is just unbelievable cute though I can understand that it gives Willow a headache *winces in sympathy*. Very neat to see the shorter hairstyle explained, too. Glad to see that Willow could not resist Glow's charm in the end!
Kyna Hansen
New! Entered: 2010-08-30
Yay for Glow! It's fun reading about this rambunctious little cub. I also like how Willow's new hair style was explained. A very neat little story all around. The characters were well written.
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