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Lea R.
New! Entered: 2015-12-21
That's so sweet! I was a bit surprised how young Stormdancer and Leather were at the time of Kestrels' birth but it shows very true in your story! I like how protective and anxious Leather is and how hard he tries to hide these character traits from his Lifemate. And how she's not fooled by him. They are so different personalities, it's interesting that they chose to lifemate at all and I like how their two surviving daughters resemble their parents so much!
And the end was just wonderful. The intimacy and the love between them just tugged at my heart.
Ingrid G.
New! Entered: 2015-01-17
Stormdancer as a character seemed to be something else! No wonder Leather was so nervous! It reminds me of when True Edge was going a little nuts with his mates' two pregnancies LOL. Oh the poor fathers!!
Whitney Ware
New! Entered: 2012-09-13
A very lovely and heart-touching story here -- you leave me wanting to see so much more of this pair!
Emberra Owen
New! Entered: 2012-01-20
I love this entire story, from his itch as to figure out whats out of place to him trying to find his mate to his touching moment between him and his unborn child. I love how it all flows so smoothly, and I think the image adds a nice touch to the over all image.
Joanne P.
New! Entered: 2011-08-14
I love the touching scene between father and unborn child,and how Stormdancer too was a part of it,not knowing what was said,but by the physical intimacy. I also liked how Leather struggled to balance his own desires with those of his lifemate's.
Razzle C.
New! Entered: 2011-08-11
This is a really beautiful story of two parents waiting for their cub. :) I love how Leather is *so* concerned but yet is almost strangling his overprotective nature because he doesn't want to make Stormdancer mad (and, I get the idea, mad AGAIN.) I giggled at the line about her trying to put him in the river! The fact that they were both young parents here -- very young, it seems, as these elves go -- really showed in their almost akwardness about it all, and Stormdancer's seeming impatience to be done with the heavy stomach!
Sofia Lindström
New! Entered: 2011-06-19
Very touching – Leather's worry for his lifemate and their cub, contrasted against Stromdancers knowledge that pregnancy doesn't have to mean being crippled until the child is born. The interaction between lifemates, as well as Leather and their cub was very sweet and the artwork is beautiful and really fits with the mood of the story.
Lyn Cavalier
New! Entered: 2010-12-08
It's so sweet to see how Leather is so attentive and caring about his lifemate and how free-spirited she is. :) A great match, though I'm sure it made for some interesting discussions and some long nights worrying for Leather.
Holly H.
New! Entered: 2010-11-21
What I really like about this story is that it helps to bring these two ancestors more to life -- we haven't seen that much of Stormdancer, and Leather prior to this has mostly been Fadestar's Perfect Father. What's intriguing here is the hint that while they were a well-matched and lifemated couple, that doesn't mean that things were always smooth between them. They seem like one of those matches that was good because they were so different, which is captured here.
Melanie D.
New! Entered: 2010-08-13
That was just sweet. I like the interaction between tehm and somehow you even can feel that Stomdancer was a young mother. I agree with the rest. It's kinda bitter-sweet but comforting to know from this point on they at last will have a long time before faith was so cruel.
I really like the feel of this :)
Heidi Henderson
New! Entered: 2010-08-11
There is a sense of melancholy here that I find interesting. It's really neat to see the relationship/interactions between these two, and a surprise to find that their relationship was different in this way. Thanks for the look into the past!
Megan McCarthy
New! Entered: 2010-07-29
You know, I've been wondering when this story would pop up on the site :D I still think it's such a sweet, romantic glimpse into the past of these two ancestors. You _nailed_ their personalities as well! Thanks so much for doing this!
Hannah Bochart
New! Entered: 2010-07-27
Oh, this is sweet and a little sad. I love seeing the relationship between two ancestors who only seem to show up when we talk about their demise. Seeing them here, so full of life and hope is very poignant and bitter sweet. I'm glad to know where Kestrel came from!
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