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Heidi Henderson
New! Entered: 2014-10-03
I really like how you showed the dueling sides of putting tribemates into wrapstuff here. It's good to know that while some were all right with the decision, there really weren't others who were happy with it - even within the same family. It's interesting to look at this story and then see and contemplate how the difference of opinion affected lives and relationships long after the story ends, too.
Mareike Heilemann
New! Entered: 2012-02-07
Huh, I thought I had commented on this long before ...

This is such a powerful, intense story. I loved seeing more about Birdcatcher - it's such an often overlooked fact that he was forced to see two loved ones go into wrapstuff, and such a neat parallel between him witnessing it as the son and then speaking to Thornbow in the role of the father. And it's great to learn more about what caused Newt's once-loving family to fall apart, even if it's very painful. I'm glad to see that Birdcatcher chose life and hope in the end! We as readers know that it works out for the best, luckily.
Emberra Owen
New! Entered: 2012-01-22
This is such a powerful story, so full of old but raw emotions for Birdcatcher. Reading this, you understand a little bit better as to why they decided to put both Newt and Honey in wrapstuff, hope. You also see more how much it still hurt Newt's family for this to have happened, how much it probably effected them for their entire lives. I can understand Birdcatcher's thought to cut open the cocoons, many children take what their parents say and act on it how they see fit. Its sad that it was his conclusion to try to cut it open, but still it made sense.
Razzle C.
New! Entered: 2011-09-12

It's heartbreaking, and yet I'm so very, very, deeply impressed with Newt's entire family for this: they pretty much destroyed THEMSELVES in exchange for the chance of saving Newt, which thankfully came about. It can be at least as hard to live with the day to day suffering of this type and have the strength to go on doing so as to, say, throw yourself in front of the bear instead of your child. It was intensely interesting, on both an intellectual and emotional level, to see how Strand and Birdcatcher sort of held the same two roles in 1919 as Birdcatcher and Thornbow, respectively, held in 2470. The younger of the pair both times, even though well into adulthood, seeming to have that cublike vulnerability and being at a loss, while the elder, the father figure, is so deep in his own grief in each case that his words easily shock the wrapped one's brother. The interactions between Strand/Birdcatcher & Birdcatcher/Thornbow really made the two wrappings run more parallel to each other than I expected, without seeming the least bit contrived. As for Lacewing, I imagine in a wolfrider tribe it would take something this painful to make someone smack a lifemate. I really both pity and admire at the same time all three of Newt's parents.

On a final note, I KNEW as soon as Birdcatcher stopped at Newt's coccoon what it was he saw -- and I didn't have to read any further before I started crying. I love the sort of double meaning you have for the title "Cracks".
Megan McCarthy
New! Entered: 2011-07-24
It's so heartbreaking to see what happens to this once loving family after Newt's wrapping :( It really does make you wonder whether wrapping IS the right decision. For the reader, who knows that Newt will eventually wake up and find happiness and friendship in his new tribe, it's easier to accept the decision, but Newt's family had no idea when or if he'd ever be able to be unwrapped. This was a very touching story :)
Melanie D.
New! Entered: 2011-07-08
Thank you guys.
I have to admit. This one is even a bit therapeutic. I witnessed a lot of tension at home as well and I enjoyed working through some this way.
Beside I wanted to show Birdcatcher and ho he dealt with his brother and daughter warped up and .. kinda as well Thornbow facing all this.
Sofia Lindström
New! Updated: 2011-06-20
This so clearly portrays the moral dilemma of keeping mortally wounded tribemates in wrap-stuff. Birdcatcher's experiences with the process are very realistic and interesting, as well as heart-wrenching.

“...They shouldn’t put their dead away and visit them.”

This sentence got me thinking about what elves, Wolfriders in particular, must think of human burial rites. Truly food for thought.
Holly H.
New! Entered: 2010-03-24
I really like all of the development done with this family, and how you continue here to show the very serious ways that Newt's wrapping affected them. It's so sad to see the ways that it tore them apart; but so realistic, too.

I also really liked getting to see Birdcatcher here as a father, facing again the wrapping of someone close to his heart. I think this is the first time we've seen him in that role!
Linda Aarts
New! Entered: 2010-03-19
I think the perspective you chose is one we haven't seen a lot yet -- people thinking wrapping elves was a wrong decision. I also liked the way how Birdcatcher came to that thought; poor family! And it's so bittersweet that he never had the chance to welcome both Newt and Honey back to the waking life :(
Lyn Cavalier
New! Entered: 2010-03-15
I really like the way you tied things together more. It's near to see Birdcatcher in two diferent time periods, facing two wrappings that I know I usually didn't associate together. I also like Birdcatcher's honesty... that he didn't think they did the right thing, but that it gives hope. Thank you for this touching story!
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